Welcome to Your Family’s 25th Hour

Your Family’s 25th Hour is that extra pair of hands that will help you accomplish more in less time. We give you back your evenings and weekends and enough hours in your day to do what really matters most to you, the things you enjoy.

Let us help you manage all or a few of your responsibilities from weekly errands to unique, one time assignments. We delight in doing meaningful work with integrity, punctuality, and compassion. We are your personal assistant and are eager to step in, take the reins and make short work of your To-Do list.

Are you a busy professional, parent, adult with elderly parents, ect. without enough hours in the day to accomplish it all with time to spare? Then we are the answer! You choose how you spend your time and how we spend ours, helping you lighten the load!

We will be happy to give you an estimate on whatever is on your to do list! So give us a call.